Saturday, March 29, 2014

Open2Learn - Photography Course Videos.

FYI, Open2Learn is a subsidiary of Open Universities Australia. It has a range of short free courses on a diverse range of subjects. See

Photography is one of them, and I noticed that the videos (mostly about 5 minutes long) are hosted on Youtube, so whilst you may want to do the free course (there are additional simulations and quiz's), if you would prefer to just want to view the videos, you can find them here:

I haven't viewed them all myself yet, but hope this is of some use.

Module 1: Light through Lenses

1_1 Photography as a visual language

1_2 but is it photography

1_3 Photography and Light

1_4 Lens optics and seeing

1_5 Vantage point and framing

1_6 Aperture and shutter

1_7 Everything is a trade off

1_8 The order of things

1_9 Translating the ordinary and everyday

1_10 Sharing and Showing your work

Module 2: Photography’s Evolution

2_1 Pixels and detail

2_2 Levels and Tone

2_3 Light meters and dumb

2_4 Mechanical Camera Controls

2_5 Digital Camera Controls

2_6 Raw

2_7 Camera Histograms

2_8 Photography and Truth

2_9 Depth of Field

2_10 Framing Landscapes

Module 3: The Digital Darkroom

3_1 A legacy to keep

3_2 Considering subjects

3_3 The Expressive Photo

3_4 Photographic Hardware

3_5 PhotoSHOPography

3_6 Image Correction

3_7 Spatial Relationships

3_8 Sharpness and image acutance

3_9 Shadows mid-tones and highlights

3_10 Composing

Module 4 Visual Language and Creative Photography

4_1 Natural and Artificial light

4_2 Chronicling

4_3 Constructing Narratives

4_4 Interview

4_5 Kinds of photographers

4_6 Scale and size

4_7 The making of 3 photos

4_8 Beyond the camera

4_9 Facial Recognition and geo-tagging

4_10 A visual language

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