Monday, March 14, 2016

Learning about photography.

We occasionally get asked about how people can learn more about photography, so I’ve listed some resources here:

1. Ask your peers (specific) questions & come to club nights and workshops.
2. Read the (camera) manual – its often boring, but its very relevant.
3. Check TAFE for a course (often or not don’t don’t have numbers – so express your interest, so that they can put on a course!).
4. Have a look at Youtube, some good sources include:

5. For free education, see any current offerings from MOOC’s such as:
  • Coursera -
  • OpenLearning  -
  • Udemy is a fabulous resource if you can find a good instructor. These often incur a small fee, but you may stumble across discount vouchers (or even free courses) via social media or ozbargain (one of my favourite web sites).
    • Udemy
    • Ozbargain -

6. If all else fails – Google it.

If you have more ideas of sources, please leave them in the comments!