Monthly Winning Photos

At our monthly meetings members are encouraged to submit some photos for judging. Each month will have a subject matter to focus on and 2 images are allowed in each format category consisting of:

Colour and Monochromatic Enlargements

Colour and Monochromatic Digital

Please click here to see the Monthly Club Competition Rules.

 To view the winning images for each category please click on the month and date.

February 2020 - Category: Open

March 2020 - Category: Entice Me...(Colour) / Neglect (Mono)

April 2020 - Category: From a Different Perspective

May 2020 - Category: Landscape

June 2020 - Category: Through the window (Colour) / Minimalism (Mono)

July 2020 - Category: Texture

August 2020 - Category: Historical Buildings

September 2020 - Category: Open

October 2020 - Category: Flower Study (Colour) / 3 of a Kind (Mono)

November 2020: Taken on a Club Outing

February 2021 - Category: Open

March 2021 - Category: Animal Portrait

April 2021 - Category: Still Life

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