Shoot Through a Screen

This technique often produces a picture of intrigue.
Explore what you can place between the lens and the subject
You will need a translucent material, for instance thin netting or plastic held close to the lens will diffuse the image, place it closer to the subject to add a texture instead.

(1) Find your yourself one of the following:
- Patterned glass (could be an old louvre, glass brick, or try the window/glass shops for off cuts Of different patterned or coloured glass.
- Flywire
- Net

- Try screwing up cellophane to get a texture - Through a window on a rainy day
- Tracing paper
- Misty windows

- Anything else you would like to try.
(2) Choose something for an interesting background, bright & cheerful or spooky - but try and express the mood you are trying to achieve.
(3) Try shooting focusing on the background

Some of our clubs efforts for this exercise are below.

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