Reflected Scene

Image 1.  A portrait             Image 2. Scene you want reflected 
  1. Copy reflected scene & paste in to portrait. (creates Layer1)
  2. In blend mode (under blending options) select Lighten. With layer1 selected reduce opacity to 20-35%.
  3. Duplicate Layer1 – Control + J or Command + J for Mac.
  4. With Layer1 Copy selected go to Layer Style > Blending Options > Change Blend Mode to Screen
  5. Press Control, Shift + U to convert Layer1Copy to B&W layer
  6. Double click on the B&W layer to open Layer Style options. Reduce opacity of this layer to about 10%.
  7. Go down to Blend If section, drag the black slider for ‘This Layer’ to around 180 – 200.
  8. Smooth the transition – Hold down Alt key and click on the left side of the slider so it splits in half. The greater the distance between the halves, the smoother the transition between highlights and midtones. Click OK.
  9. Add a Tint. Layer > Adjustment Layer > Hue/Saturation then click of colorize and pick a green hue (around 90) . Close, go
  10. back to your layers and reduce the opacity of the adjustment (top) layer to 15 -20%.
  11. At this stage you can go back into individual layers and make adjustments.When satisfied with effects go to Layers and at the bottom of drop down menu select Flatten Image.     Save.

An example for this exercise is pictured below.

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