Zoom Burst

Zoom blur/burst in camera:

ISO 100 or lowest enabling a slower shutter speed.
Shutter priority S or TV 
– 1/4 to 1/10th sec should equal around F22
Using a tripod pre-focus on a central point in scene with lens extended out Half press shutter to focus on something closest
Start with lens at longest (telephoto) and pull back smoothly to wide angle Too much blur set a larger aperture F16 
– or move the camera more slowlyMay not work if light very bright – may then need a neutral density filter.

Add a Zoom Burst to a picture:

Open a pic in Photoshop/Elements or similar software which has layers
In layers, duplicate the photo.
Vehicles, sports shots work well. Have subject central in pic.
Filter - blur - radial blur 
– Zoom. Amount around 15 to 25, quality good Have point of interest of main subject roughly in centre of blur grid.
Can move the grid around to achieve this.
The entire pic will be blurred.
Where don’t want the effect, eg car, can achieve this in two ways.
On the duplicate layer:
Use the eraser to rub out where don’t want the effectAdd a mask to the duplicate layer, paint black with a soft brush on mask, if you make a mistake change the brush to white and paint over.

Some of our club efforts for this exercise are below.

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