Club Competition Rules

The West Australian Photographic Federation (WAPF) have ruled that all prints must be titled.  This includes entries in our club as well as Interclub competitions.  A brief title to help identify your photo image is all that is needed. This also assists in the safety return of your entry.

Club members are allowed to enter two photo images per section in the clubs monthly competitions.

Photo images must have the club members’ number and description of photo image on the back
(e.g 99 Water Lilly) (DO NOT put your name)
Photo image title at the top left and number at the bottom left. 
** NO club number will result in the photo image being disqualified.

A photo image can only be entered in one section of the clubs monthly competition. 
** You may not enter derivatives or the same photo image with slight alterations into more than one club’s monthly competition, otherwise all photo images will be disqualified.

When entering a photo image in the clubs monthly competition, read the definition of what is required in the photo image.  This will allow for best judging results.

Club Competition Sections

  • 6 x 4 Print
  • Any format, including panorama
  • Not mounted
May be slightly enhanced (e.g sharpened, saturated etc. No over-working unless specifically stipulated within topic definition)

  • 40 x 50cm including mount (mounted and backed)
Entries in this section can be computer manipulated
Photo images can be entered again in another club monthly competition, if they have not been awarded a Gold, Silver or Bronze placing.

Digital images are submitted to an external judge who will give feedback on each photo image submitted.  These will be read out at each monthly meeting.
  • Must be resized to 1920 on the longest side
  • JPEG format
  • Images to be save on a USB – name on USB
Photo images are to have club member number and title (e.g  99 Water Lilly)