APS Committee 2018 - Contact details:

PRESIDENT:            Shaun Welsh       
VICE PRESIDENT:   Joan Bush     
SECRETARY:           Jenny Bullock
TREASURER:          Leonie Smith             
COMPS:                   Leonie Smith            
MINI PRINTS:          David Aldred               
COLOUR PRINTS:  Nita Clark,   Kaye Harris; Joan Bush
MONO PRINTS:      Andrea Deegan           
DIGITAL COMP:     Marion Carter
EDITOR:                  Veana Scott               
ASST. SEC/TRE.    Jane Reynard                            
SUPPER:                Val Cooper       
COMMITTEE:          Vicki Clark, Andrea Deegan and David Aldred.

For information about each of the roles on the committee see this document.

If you would like to contact a member of the APS committee, please email your message to and our editor will forward to the appropriate committee member.