You will need:
  1. Free standing light with an Ultraviolet globe (available from Bunnings or a lighting shop) or borrow the one circulating through the club.
  2. Black material (not shiny) 
  3. Various objects to try
Set your black material as a backdrop. Have minimal other light in the room, turn on your ultraviolet light and you may have to manually focus on the object (not all objects are suitable, so don’t panic if the first one you try doesn’t change colour).

Try using a low ISO about 200 to keep image noise to a minimum, and a f/11 aperture. Exposure can be determined by doing a few tests.  Aperture Priority mode works reasonably well, and if necessary it can be adjusted using the exposure compensation facility on the camera.  

Try different times from around 8 seconds through to around 20 seconds.

You will get varying colours each time.

A couple of examples for this excerise are pictured below. 

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