Winning Photos for 'A Group of...'

Colour Enlargements 1st place is Marg Rutherford with 'The Roses'

Monochromatic Enlargement 1st place is
Kaye Harris with 'Piano Keys'

Mini prints (6x4) 1st place is
Jenny Bullock with 'Bananas'

Mini Prints (6x4) tied 1st place is
Joan Clarke with 'Convention Centre Chairs'

For this months digital prints there were no golds awarded but there were 7 silver awards given.

Marion Todd with 'Croakers'

Leonie Smith with 'Group of Crabs'

Marg Rutherford with 'Rainbow Cutlery' 

Kaye Harris with 'Chairs'

Vicki Clark with 'Three Queens'

Nita Clarke with 'Open Gate'

Steve Hutchins with 'Peak Hour'